About Somali One

Somalia One is an organization that was founded in 2014 by Somali intellectuals. The organization headquarters is in Mogadishu Somalia and has satellite offices in Baidoa-­Southwest Somalia, Garowe-­‐Puntland, Kismayu-­‐Jubaland and Galmudug, and over the years has been working hard to reach more areas to impact more lives particularly in Barawe. Somali One is legally registered organization in Somalia as a non for Profit Organization. Our Team

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help Somalia gain peace and stability through accountable and democratic governance where economic and political inclusivity, dialogue and tolerance are a common practice.

Our Values

At Somali One, our values are at the heart of our work, policies, and our relationships with each other, our partners and communities we work with. Our core values include : Enlighten, Empower and Engage.


Organizational Structure

Somali One local organization has 5 Board of directors who formulates policies for the organization and also makes other key decision, participates and approves the strategic planning of the organization The Board conducts annual meetings and as well as other ad hoc meetings as deemed necessary. The Board also has TOR established that stipulates their role.

Moreover under the Board of directors is the executive director who oversees day today running of the organizations and implements policies of the organization. Under the executive director is the Finance department that is headed by Finance and administration that is responsible for the accounting, financial related issues such Payroll, banking and bank reconciliation and financial reports and budgets.

Besides, under the executive director is the program Managers that manages different portfolios such as governance, economic development, youth and women. Somali One bride itself with Monitoring and Evaluation department that is responsible to oversee for ensuring that goals and objectives are adhered to and achieved at the end of every project. Lastly, Somali One has media and outreach office that is responsible for information sharing, knowledge management and media.


Organization chart