Somali One

Our Core Values





Who We Are

Somalia One is an organization that was founded in 2014 by Somali intellectuals. The organization headquarters is in Mogadishu Somalia and has satellite offices in Baidoa-­Southwest Somalia, Garowe-­‐Puntland, Kismayu-­‐Jubaland and Galmudug, and over the years has been working hard to reach more areas to impact more lives particularly in Barawe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Somalia gain peace and stability through accountable and democratic governance where economic and political inclusivity, dialogue and tolerance are a common practice.

Our Vision

Are at the heart of our work, policies, and our relationships with each other, our partners and communities we work with.

Somali One

Our Programs

Governance and Civic Education

Somali One will provide civic education on important and current issues in the country through town hall meetings, TV and radio programs and through its website. The goal of the civic education activities is to promote citizen participation to both hold government accountable but also increase trust levels between government and citizens.

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Economic Development

Somali key economy is based on exporting of domestic animals to the Gulf States and other countries especially the neighboring countries; the country also has potential in the agriculture sector and currently exports Sesame, Bananas and Lemon. Moreover there is huge potentiality in the Fishery sector even though the sector is under developed due to poor fishing gears, security & poor hygiene.

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Somali One encourages civic participation through engaging the youth, empowering women, building the capacity of political parties, providing civic education and, promoting constructive dialogue. Somali One also supports economic development activities that focus on agriculture, trade, fisheries and small-scale industries.

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Girls in Somalia are largely underrepresented in schools, frequently representing only one third of the total school attendees in a district. Education and literacy, however, are vital to graduation from the most extreme levels of poverty, and give the most vulnerable the necessary skills to seek sustainable employment and earn an income.

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Research & Surveys

The organization undertakes researches on agendas such as security, Local governance, food security, cross border conflicts, governance and peace building initiatives as well as Decentralization and Stabilization. We also Undertake assessment and surveys related to parliamentary work and political participation projects.

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