Our Programs

Governance and Civic Education

Somali One will provide civic education on important and current issues in the country through town hall meetings, TV and radio programs and through its website. The goal of the civic education activities is to promote citizen participation to both hold government accountable but also increase trust levels between government and citizens.

“An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight. It is therefore imperative that the nation see to it that a suitable education be provided for all its citizens.” Thomas Jefferson

Somalia can attain peace, stability and economic development when its citizens are informed, can hold their government accountable and can have trust in their government.

Somali One will also promote political inclusivity and dialogue so that social, economic and governance issues can be constructively debated, reconciled and ultimately decided consistent with Somalia’s unique culture and history.

Photo: SouthWest State Clan elders facilitated discussion on District Council formation by Somali One