Somali One Partnerships

Somali One partners with international development organizations, national institutions, civil society organizations, local nongovernmental organizations and the private sector to implement its programming in Somalia.

The Organization also partnered with UNDP and S2S in JPLG project in southwest to undertake conflict mapping assessment and district council formation, Somali one supports the Ministry of Interior and Federal affairs Southwest under the Wadajir Framework (government lead initiatives in district council formation and peace building at district levels) in undertaking reconciliations for diverse conflicting clans, conferences for district council formation, civic education and awareness creation. Somali one is implementing project of economic development with SSF on Economic development and Livelihoods- Fishery sector development in coastal town of Barawe

SNAPS of Some activities implemented by Somali Development Solutions

1. Sustainable fishing

Somali Development Solution Implemented activities related to ocean environment with GEEL project- USAID Somalia from October 2019-February 2020 in coastal town of Barawe. Activities implemented included  Sustainable fishing, Fishery Management & Monitoring, Media outreach on community sensitization on ocean pollution, sustainable fishing methods

Exhibition event to promote the Fish products from Barawe and expand the market horizon for Barawe Fish.

2. Community Dialogue Project

Somali Development Solutions  implemented Community dialogue project with funding from Somali Stability Fund(SSF) in Barawe to engage communities in peace building and wider district reconciliation through strengthening inclusive district structures.

Dialogue session with community groups in Barawe


3. Economic Development & Livelihood:

Somali Dev Solution undertook project on Strengthening Fishery Sector for improved Livelihoods & Economic Development in Barawe-SWS Somalia with funding from Somali Stability Fund(SSF) from July 2018-May 31 2020.

Rehabilitated Fish market

rehabilitated fish market

4. District Council Formation

Somali Development supported district council formation in Baidoa and Barawe from May 2017-May 2018 with funding from UNDP-JPLG program.

Former Ministry for Interior and local government Southwest State Somalia and Somali One staff at District council formation event-Baidoa district

District Council Formation